1. i feel like one of those teachers who want to be visited by Val Kilmer in Weird Science

2. if i was, i’d totally go for getting my glasses off and for replacing my mute shirt colors with black ones

3. i keep waiting to see one girl in this Hasidic community who isn’t isolated

4. there’s something cool about being secularly religious, but i wish i saw someone wild every now and then.

5. i picture seeing someone wild who looks lost and who is barely grounded, but whose okay with it.

6. i was so cold today.  i felt if i chattered my teeth and went with it, that i’d find the cold, stoney guy i’ve been waiting for

7. i wore new cropped pants that i got on sale and put them on not knowing what they looked like. 

8. because of these, i couldn’t get a word in edgewise during 5/6th period.  they wanted to keep seeing more of my pacman and fish tattoos.

9. never press the pedal to the metal when you’ve been grading for too long and when you’re anxious to go on a gorgeous walk.  there’s tons of 5 pm-ers who will press you into your lane to keep you from going

10.ive stopped wishing i should dress more like a teacher, and started wishing everyone would dress like patty smith.  what if that happened?

11. i was so tired after grading in my car and i was late for my walk so i sped to get there, but the sun was down.  i walked and walked to the song Tarzan Boy,  trying to look devout.


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