Hmmm….craft = nail polish art? not so sure….


            I had a fun time watching this video and thinking about craft and poesis.  I understand how/why some might think that fashion and or craft are similar because they can both devote attention to detail . In the video they mention that Karl Lagerfield, for example, uses technique to study pant legs, to study them from all angles, to reinvent them.  In the video they discussed the idea of craft, dating back to the ancient Greeks, and how blacksmithing, cigar rolling (don’t’ know if the Greeks did that!), and nail polish art were ideas, but minus the serious ones (i.e politics). 

            I did have difficulty accepting their definition of craft, or of how the Greeks included ideas that were void of serious details.  I definitely think that a “craft” can be serious.  I think that crafting itself evokes a feeling.  All sorts of things, revolutions, rebellions, eccentricities can stem from the feelings inspired by a photograph or the way that art evokes opinions in others.  I also am not sure why fashion and craft, at least in this video, were linked so tightly together.  And I wasn’t so keen about nail polish art being the launching board for which to discuss “craft”.  I really wish that they could have started with something more inspiring- maybe a blacksmith and their work would have been more enlightening.  I feel that art takes a huge deal of conceptualization, of thinking and thinking of an idea and molding it until you know how to expressly execute it in solid form.  I therefore feel that there are sounder arguments to be made about craft. 


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