Segment 31: When a Third World Came West

Sam had to go back to central waking up at 4 a.m. to try and get off-site construction jobs that paid cash only while I took off to Linx to organize more of their files.  During the day I would wear the thick silver ring that I’d given to my mom as a Christmas present but that she’d given back to me a few months after because it was too heavy and she liked things with more color and so I considered it sorta an heirloom that I could get my hands on.  I met  Sam in the park a few nights later near Panera’s and we were drinking iced coffee outside on the grass by the lake while I turned my ring around my finger while I was listening to him complain about having someone else’s feet in his face all night while he was trying to sleep at the center kitty corner to Our Daily Bread.  He was working at Dantes now on Orange Avenue across from the Bagel King and the parking lots of Dunkin Donuts and he asked if I wanted to come in tonight because they were having a concert in the second dining room where they’d built a stage and added a heavy red curtain.  He hadn’t really ever invited me to anything or had the opportunity to so I took him up on it and went home to change.

I got to Dante’s around seven, found the lot all full in front of their restaurant and so  I drove around up and down the residential street that it was off looking for spaces.  I finally decided to just park at the Dunkin Donuts lot and I walked in black heels all the way back to the side door of where Sam was working.  He came by my table and asked what I wanted and I said wine or something, whatever was fine.  He said my dad had been by today eating lunch at this back table by the window.  “What?”  I said.  My dad was here?  I couldn’t remember ever having told anyone that Sam worked here, except my brother.  I guess that’s how he found out.  Sam walked away to meet other customers.  There was that hostess at the front again, the one with brown curly hair down to her butt who had the perfect nose, who was skinny.  I wondered how long it’d be before he brought up something about him hooking up with her and feeling guilty.  I’d stopped to go to the bathroom here once before when I was picking up Sam from work and the blond with black underliner behind the bar gave me a dirty look that made me feel like she was jealous.  Guess Sam had gotten cozy with her too.  I drank almost all my wine and the comedian, it turned out to be that kind of night instead of a band, started up.  The manager stopped him though saying from the back of the room that they were towing at Duncan Donuts and if you had a car over there, you better go get it.  I stumbled for my purse, ran out the back door, saw the truck leave with my car, said “fuck”, ran inside Duncan Donuts demanding to know who called on my car and what I could do about it.  Sam came over and called me stupid for leaving it there, I came back into the restaurant to sit down long enough for the nice manager to give me a glass of wine on the house.  I drank it, walked outside to call my dad to see what I should do and listened long enough on the other end of the line for him to say “You can’t keep calling us when you have these emergencies.” I waited for my brother to pick me up after I used another quarter to dial him, came home and listened to my mother say that I needed to choose who I was gonna live with because I couldn’t keep switching up my loyalties.


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