Segment 29: When a Third World Came West

Segment 29: When aThird WorldCame West

            I sat outside next to a foldout chair that felt like it was upholstered in mauve carpet.  My bag was sitting on the floor next to me and Sam was busy fiddling with a store bought disposable camera, winding the release dial on the back and practicing on the wall next to him.  The room was a good size with windows facing towards South Orlando with a view of the left side ofLakeEolaParkwith the fountain partially overflowing.  There was a arbor arch in the center of the room with white whicker x’s which created the open diamond spaces from where silk Ivy had been thread and wound.  This was where we were gonna stand in front when the Justice of the Peace finally got here.  Sam asked me a couple of times to stand in front of it, but I didn’t have my wedding clothes on yet and was still in my beige skirt and tan tank top but I smiled for the camera anyway.  The Justice of the Peace finally came in resembling Diane Sawyer, all hurried, hunched underneath the shoulder pads in her blue blazer and frosted blond hair.  She asked us if we were ready and I asked her to give me a minute while I rushed my bag out of the hall and to the left to a bathroom hall, crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t bump into anyone of my dad’s friends that I knew.  I took out and put into a pile that short white empire waist dress, the fake costume jewelry diamond earrings, and the crème Payless heels with a middle and back strap at the heel.  It didn’t take me but two minutes to get dressed and I hadn’t fluffed my hair out of my dress and onto my shoulders for more then ten seconds before I was out and running down the hall again.  I tried to stare past the immigrant couples waiting to be next in line for the justice of the peace, but I saw a few speaking broken English next to a brown lamp and wondered why Sam was rushing me to get married so fast.  I stepped into the empty room where Sam had been taking pictures of Diane Sawyer this whole time and after dropping my bag of clothes next to the mauve fold-out chair, I ran to the arbor acting like I had been the one who had been waiting for them to hurry it up all along, instead of the other way around.


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