Segment 20: When a Third World Came West

            We were packing things in the U-Haul that Sam had rented for $49.96 and he was setting everything out into a nice order onto the flatbed and I was hefting up the wooden fold-up chairs and drawers to the dresser, the bathroom blue trashcan, and his black duffle bag onto the lawn.  I was bringing out everything all wrong he was saying, for example the chairs and tables should come first and then the smaller big things like the boxes and cartons filled with vases, fake flower plants, throw rugs, window ornaments, wreaths (I actually had a harvest one for October) and then the suitcases and the bedding.  But while I had my hands full putting piles in the wrong places with the feather bed linen in my arms Skye’s grey two-door Celica pulled into the parking lot right next to the U-Haul.  I knew this part was gonna be something I had to face but I couldn’t take thinking of it head on and so now here I was with this.  I walked up the deck and into the kitchen where I laid down the bedding on the top face of our walnut table that I’d gotten for seventy-five dollars off a sorority girl in one of the houses from around the corner and I pulled the broom from out of the corner and began sweeping up the trash and dust that had accumulated in the corners of the brown and ivory laminate tile.  I could here Skye coming in through the screen door and I pretended not to notice him so I kept sweeping louder and louder until he came in and leaned against the right beam that made up the thruway to the living room to the breakfast area. 

I stopped for a second.  “Hi. How was your day?”  I wanted to get off the subject and talk about something else.  “Did you bring anything good home from Checkers?  I really like their salads.  I didn’t know they had any.  Have you had that Asian one?  I bet you get it for free.  Which one is your favorite, do you have one?”

“Did you clear all this with Donna?”  He asked.  Donna was our landlord.  She managed all the townhomes in the area and she surprised me about being understanding about me wanting to leave.  “Yeah I got everything squared away.  You’re not obligated to stay.  You can leave too if you want , if you have other plans.” 

            He said, “I didn’t want it to be like this.  I don’t know why you brought him here but he came in between us.”  Something in me knew Skye was right and I felt damned because here I was on an off-campus house having survived two crazy roommates and their boyfriend who’d brought guns to our sophomore dorms two years ago and here I was I had the place of my dreams here.  What was I doing throwing it all away and what for? Who?  But there was Sam out there loading up the truck and I was head-over-heels nuts over him and I couldn’t pull myself away enough to admit that Skye was right.  So I got done sweeping, I scooped the left-over trash into the bin, I was sweaty in my cotton blue summer dress that I’d gotten for a bargain at Ross and I put my arms around him so I could hug him.  I kissed him on his cheek and told him to enjoy the rest of his summer and then I took the remaining plastic garbage bags full of more brown throw pillows, bed pillows, and a thin mattress cover and took them out to Sam who would load them up into the back of the U-Haul truck so that we could drive the rest of the way to Miami.


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