Segment 11: When a Third World Came West

The next morning I was sipping coffee next to my step-dad trying to keep my out on my dog who was pulling at the ankle of the pool man pulling the sluggish chlorine rod up and down in between mildewed dead and dying leaves. The coffee burned my tongue and I was watching my step-dad fold and re-fold the Sports section of the newspaper. I wondered if two Advil would make me forget what I did last night: sneaking that complete stranger Sam through my bedroom window at, giving him my ex-boyfriend’s computer network t-shirt to sleep in, staying up most of the night to see that no one heard him snore.
He’d given me his number and I’d favorited him already in my contacts. I scrolled down on my phone while I chewed on my cornflakes and after I grabbed my orange from the breakfast table, I walked out the hallway with the brown lacquered tile and called him from outside the doorway, by the mailbox. We exchanged some conversation about last night, I kicked some stones out by the yard near our pink flamingo metal garden deco, and I asked him if he wanted to meet up sometime.

Down a busy intersection and reading from my anthology of Shakespeare plays while driving, later, Sam buzzed down the interstate in my white Camry heading towards the LaQuinta Inn off I-Drive. That’s where he was staying. There was one girl, two guys and today they would be at Disney World. I stepped into his motel sometime later, after he’d used the sink and the small bar soap he unwrapped to wash and clean his face. At some point we got undressed and we slept together under the bedspread, spilling an ashtray with finished cigarettes that we didn’t catch, onto the soiled heavy carpet floor. I got on my ballerina tube top, had my underwear on and carried the ashtray or what was left of it to the bathroom and shook it on the edge of the plastic trashcan until I got rid of most of it. I heard Sam say something from the bedroom and I heard a door click shut. Those people must be home early. At first I stepped into the bathtub to guard myself behind the shower curtain but then I thought I should face the music and I came out and stared at a blond haired girl with too much eye makeup and two skinny white guys with hair gel probably pasting their flat hair short hair down. She made some gestures towards Sam and got angry with me and told him to get out and said he couldn’t stay here anymore. We gathered his stuff and I carried his dopp kit for him while he struggled to get his duffle bag past one of the guys holding the door open for him. I didn’t look behind at the girl and the guy as I walked down the steps to my car. I turned to him when he walked down behind me and said, “Do you need a place to stay?”


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